2020-21 Registration Packets

Do not fill out in Chrome, use Adobe Reader only.

How to Complete Forms

How to Complete Forms

  1. Download blank registration packet and save to your computer. Do not fill out in Chrome, use Adobe Reader only.
  2. Open saved document
  3. Fill in blanks
  4. Save completed registration packet to attach to email

list of school email addresses.

Please use the latest version of Adobe Reader when completing these forms. 

English - Student Registration Packet

English - Student Registration Packet

Spanish - Formulario para matricula de estudiante

Spanish - Formulario para matricula de estudiante

Portuguese - Pacote de Inscrição do Aluno

Portuguese - Pacote de Inscrição do Aluno

Creole - Pake Enskripsyon Elèv

Creole - Pake Enskripsyon Elèv

Arabic - حزمة تسجيل الطلاب

Arabic - حزمة تسجيل الطلاب

Vietnamese - Gói đăng ký sinh viên

Vietnamese - Gói đăng ký sinh viên