OCPS is committed to the safety of students and staff.  Comprehensive emergency plans, drills and exercises, security improvements, and visitor management are a few ways we ensure a safe experience for students, staff, and campus visitors.  Video surveillance is used on school bus transportation and in the campus environment.  Trained district police, school resource officers, and student health resources are available at schools.  Resources work closely with local law enforcement officers to ensure readiness.

As students in Orange County Public Schools head back to class the district has some required viewing for middle and high school students. When they sign into their new school issued laptops they will have some must-see videos to watch reminding them of the Code of Student Conduct.

Four videos were produced to grab the attention of students so that they will think twice before violating the Code of Student Conduct, especially a Level 4 infraction. The idea stemmed from the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council last year which consisted of two students from every high school. Members of the council were tasked with finding creative solutions for problems that face their friends and peers. The students helped to brainstorm and conceptualize the videos.

The video topics include: (videos are linked here)

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FLDOE Office of Safe Schools

Florida School Safety Risk Assessment Tool (FSSAT)

SESIR Codes and Definitions

If you have any questions, please contact the Florida Department of Education at [email protected].

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The commitment of parents and community members is vital to developing and sustaining effective prevention programs. All members of the Orange County Public School community have the right to enjoy a safe and healthy environment where cooperation and positive interactions are expected, people are valued, and property is respected.