Vendor Payables

Generally, OCPS requires that a purchase order be issued prior to delivery of goods and/or rendering of services.

Definition: A purchase order is a written authorization from a buyer to acquire goods or services. The document authorizes a supplier to deliver to the buyer at the price, quality level, delivery date, and certain other terms specified in the agreement. Acceptance of a purchase order by a seller forms a legally binding contract between the buyer and seller where no contract exists until the purchase order is accepted.

Important Note: If any discrepancies exist with a purchase order prior to the delivery of goods and/or rendering of services, the vendor must contact the school or work location and possibly Procurement directly to resolve.

All vendor invoices are required to match the purchase order. If not, the vendor will be contacted by the Accounts Payable department and notified of the discrepancy on the invoice to be corrected and re-submitted; otherwise, payment cannot be made to the vendor until resolved.

Unless otherwise noted, all original vendor invoices (excluding facilities construction service, purchasing card, and internal account invoices), credit memos, and monthly vendor statements can be submitted via e-mail to:

[email protected]

If by mail, submit to the following mailing address:

PO BOX 4984, ORLANDO, FL 32802-4984