Your Tax Dollars At Work

Aging buildings renovated or replaced with 21st century schools that foster excellence. Energy efficient educational facilities with the latest learning technology, daylight in every classroom, upgraded security and spaces available for community use. The best part? Because central Florida is a tourist Mecca, visitors to Orange County pay 55% of the tax while our students benefit 100%. This is what Orange County residents have seen thanks to the 2002 voter-approved half-penny sales tax for school construction. In 2014 voters decided to renew funding to maintain the much-needed renovations to Orange County schools.

While great teachers and involved parents make the difference in a child’s success, the learning environment plays an important role. For example, Evans and Oak Ridge high schools, former “D” and “F” schools, earned their first “B” grades following their school renovations.

Since 2002, the OCPS building program has pumped more than $3 billion into the local economy through real estate; architecture, engineering, and construction services; and building furnishings and equipment. And 88% of that has been spent with local prime contractors.

By the time the 2002 sales tax proceeds ended, OCPS renovated 94 schools. Another 39 designated for renovation during the last referendum, plus another 20 schools built just prior to 2002 need some level of renovation. That’s why OCPS voters in 2014 approved a referendum to renew the half-penny sales tax.

Excellent, efficient schools for our children. A boost in our local economy. And residents pay less than half while our students enjoy all the benefit.

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