Ensure that school meals are accessible to every child in Orange County, Florida.


The mission of OCPS FNS is to provide access to quality nutritious meals in a customer friendly environment and to support all students and educators' ability to achieve academic excellence while forming healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime..

Healthy School Team

How to establish a Healthy School Team

USDA Non-Discrimination Statement


Overcoming Childhood Hunger in Orange County, Florida

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Our Address:

8101 Benrus St
Orlando, FL 32827
Phone: 407.858.3110

Contact Us:

Lora Gilbert, Senior Director
(407) 858-3110

Mark Watson, Director
(407) 858-3110, Ext 329-5124

Mallory Reeves, Senior Administrator
(407) 858-3110, Ext 329-5160

Javier Vazquez, Senior Administrator
Information Technology/
Meal Benefits/Maintenance
(407) 858-3110, Ext 329-5185

Jamila Adams, Area Manager
Menus and Nutrition
(407) 858-3110, Ext 329-5127

Ricardo Mesorana, Area Manager
Central Kitchens/Charter Schools
(407) 858-3110, Ext 329-5268

Cesar Molina, Area Manager
(407) 858-3110, Ext 329-6005

Scotty Ferguson, Area Manager

(407) 858-3110, Ext 329-2229

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