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Let the FNS Catering Team create and deliver delicious meals for any event-type and group size.

Food and Nutrition Services First Stop Catering provides restaurant quality catering services for events held on Orange County Public School District property. The menu selections and services in our catering menu are the most 
frequently requested, and should serve as a guide for your event. However, this is only the beginning of the wide variety of tastes and services we can provide. Please consider this a starting point from which we can customize an event that will meet your group’s distinctive needs. We will be glad to assist with your principal/staff meetings, in-service training, school celebrations, special luncheons, holiday parties, retirement parties, etc. As a support service of the Food and Nutrition department, all revenues generated by the catering department stay in your food service fund.

Custom meal included following services:

Full-Service Catering
Buffet, Plated or Boxed Options
Food Truck Services
Handmade Dessert Trays

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First Stop Catering Menu 2023 - 2024

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