2019 Sneak Peeks
Posted on 07/10/2019
Horizon West MS

Seven OCPS schools will be holding Sneak Peek events this summer to show taxpayers, students and parents the school district’s new facilities for the 2019-20 school year. Four of the schools are new, one is rebuilt and two are replacements of old performing arts centers. The new schools are Castleview Elementary, Horizon West Middle and Water Spring Middle, all in the booming Horizon West area of West Orange County. Deerwood Elementary is a replacement of a 1984 campus in Rio Pinar. Colonial and Boone high schools are opening new performing arts centers. Boone’s event will be held after the start of the school year as a Grand Opening.

    Boone HS         Castleview ES         Colonial HS       
                      Boone HS                                                   Castleview ES                                                      Colonial HS

    Deerwood ES         Horizon West MS         Pershing School         
                        Deerwood ES                                            Horizon West MS                                            Pershing School

                                                                            Water Springs ES
                                                                                            Water Spring ES