Deerwood Elementary Sneak Peek
Posted on 08/01/2019
Family in media center Emma Lynn Whitsett, a student at Deerwood, admires the beautiful library that she will soon be learning in
Deerwood Elementary opened its doors to the community on July 31st, showing off the beautiful new campus! Students attending the school were eager to see their new classrooms, parents were delighted to see the campus their children would attend, and even alumni were excited to see the new look! It was definitely a great night for everyone. 

 Students sit in new library                   Students sit outside of the school                 Family waits in library
              Nigel Miller (left) and                                             From left to right: Tyler Duran, Kadan Noll,                    The Mattis family, looking cute as can be,
        Johnathan Fuller (right)                                                    and Sean Moss check out their new                                           wait for their tour to begin         
     play in the new media center together                                   campus together