Curbside Meals for
All Children under 18

Updated September 11, 2020

Orange County Public Schools’ Food and Nutrition Services Department is offering a Curbside Meals Program for all children 18 and under! Curbside meals can be picked up at any  OCPS school near your home. If you have children at different schools you are able to pick up all meals at one site! 


Details of the CurbSide Meal Distribution Program:

  • The entire week of meals can be picked up on Mondays at any school starting 30 minutes after dismissal for 90 minutes.
  • Each student will receive 5 breakfast meals and 5 lunch meals.
  • The meals will be packaged to last the entire week. All entrees and some fruits and vegetables will be frozen and served in one bag. There are heating instructions on the FNS Website. Another bag will contain refrigerated items. Some menus include shelf stable items which may be packaged with the refrigerated items or packed separately.

In the case of school holidays, schedules will be announced on the FNS Web Site.

When face-to-face instruction is active, schools will make decisions about the process for serving breakfast and/or lunch to students in the school building. Curbside meals will continue for students not attending school face-to-face.

USDA has announced a waiver for all meals to be served at no charge until the last school day in December. There is no decision to continue this waiver into January. The OCPS school meals program is offered through the USDA Child Nutrition Program under the Florida Department of Agriculture and through the Department of Health.

While meals are served now at no charge, parents are encouraged to fill out an application for free or reduced priced meals if their income has changed. Once an application is filled out and approved for Free and Reduced Benefits, the benefits will be good for the entire school year and the first 30 days of the following school year. When families are approved for a free or reduced meals then they may be eligible for some additional discounted program with our community partners; for example decrease in utility fees, Wi-Fi connections, scholarships to summer camps and other educational opportunities. The eligibility status of students is confidential.  Please go to to complete your application. If a family is already receiving federal benefits such as SNAP, their students are directly certified and do not need an application.

 Curbside Meal distribution schedule

The weekly distribution of curbside meals will be available on Mondays unless it is a school holiday. Serving times at all OCPS school sites will begin 30 minutes after the last bell and continue for 90 minutes. Below are some general guidelines for the majority of sites:

  • Elementary and K-8 Schools (3:30pm – 5:00pm)
  • Middle Schools (4:30pm – 6:00pm)
  • High Schools (2:50pm – 4:20pm)

Times and locations are subject to change.


(For more information, please contact Food & Nutrition Services at 407.858.3110 or [email protected])

Curbside Meals
Curbside Meals (Spanish)