Non Public Schools Services

Exceptional Student Education Non Public Services provides evaluation services to students who do not participate in the public school system and who are in kindergarten through twelfth grade. These services include assistance in initially determining if a non-public school student may need special education services, and conducting reevaluations for identified students with disabilities.

OCPS also partners with Orange County non-profit private schools to provide support and services to students with disabilities who are in kindergarten through twelfth grade. These services are determined through the 

Meaningful Consultation process that takes place between OCPS and private schools representatives on an annual basis. The 2019-2020 service delivery model provides the following supports and services to private school students with disabilities attending affirmed private schools and to the staff that serves them:

  • Supplemental web-based reading intervention program

  • Direct speech services

  • Exceptional Student Education professional learning opportunities

  • Council for Exceptional Children Membership

  • Supplemental resources for students with significant impairments attending private schools with a population consisting only of students with disabilities

Private School Meaningful Consultation meetings are held during the school year. School administrators, designated staff, and parents / guardians are welcome to attend. The Individual Disability Education Act (IDEA) and information pertaining to the Parentally Placed Private School Students with Disabilities component under IDEA are shared. This meaningful consultation discussion includes information on proportionate share, services provided to students with disabilities, and the process for partnering with OCPS for these services.Reservations are not required. Details are below:

Non Public Services Private School Meaningful Consultation Meeting

Due to the Covid-19 , the previously announced May 5, 2020 meeting will be rescheduled


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