Image of learning styles: Face-to-face, Virtual, Innovative

Reopening Orange County Public Schools for 2020-21

(July 2020) OCPS is committed to ensuring every student has a promising and successful future. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are required by the Commissioner of Education’s Emergency Order to open schools with safety measures in place for students and staff. We are also committed to providing options to parents and teachers.

The options are: Face-to-Face (required by the state), Orange County Virtual (a franchise of Florida Virtual which has been available for several years), or OCPS [email protected]

Our plans remain fluid during these unprecedented times. Parents and guardians are encouraged to review the choices to better understand what might be best for their families. To maximize safety efforts, OCPS strongly encourages selecting the Innovative OCPS [email protected] model, if you are able to keep your child at home.