Preventative Maintenance Service

Preventative maintenance is an integral part of a fully operational fleet.  OCPS requires that each White Fleet vehicle complete:
- Oil change every 4,000 miles or 4 months
- Monthly OCPS quick inspection at fueling depot
- Annual OCPS inspection at assigned facility

Each quarter, an email notification will be sent to your department outlining the vehicle and due date for the oil change that is due.  That invoice received in the email notification is all that you need to present to Jiffy Lube at the time of service.

Please remember that no other services are authorized at Jiffy Lube or any other vendor, including air filters, brakes, etc.  If needed, please bring to an OCPS Quick Service Garage Lane

Where to go for PM Service? - Jiffy Lube

Need to request a White Fleet oil change? - Oil Change Request Form

Need more information about White Fleet PM Schedules or Oil Changes?  Please contact:

Josue Pickard
Section Leader Fleet Services
Transportation Services 
8105 McCoy Road
Orlando, Florida 32822
407-858-3240 ext., 2086404
[email protected]