Local Community Resources

The McKinney-Vento Act does not provide supports for schools to provide shelter or additional supports outside of the outlined rights. A variety of community agencies provide supports based on the type of homelessness a family is experiencing. Most agencies use the Housing of Urban Development (HUD) to determine if a family is experiencing homelessness. View the HUD definition.

We suggest that all families in need of additional supports call or text 211 to speak to a counselor who can assist families or place them on any current waitlists.  Below are also some community resource pages to assist you.  Please note that agencies are not managed by OCPS and provided as a resource to you.  OCPS takes no responsibility for the actions of listed agencies.

Local Community Resources

General Resources

Food Supports

  • United Against Poverty Orlando (UP):  While families must meet certain criteria, this organization provides food supports as well as clothing, counseling, and housing supports to those in need.

Shelter Supports

Mental Health Supports

  • OCPS Supports: This website is a way to request an OCPS Mental Health Social Worker to call and assist you.