Vehicle Accident

In the event that you are involved in an accident while operating an OCPS White Fleet vehicle, please contact:

Hanging Moss Dispatch 407-317-3800 Ext 3483
They will send a Transportation Area Manager to your location/accident scene to fully document the incident and begin the insurance process

- Please remain at the scene, unless injury dictates otherwise, along with the other vehicle/s and their occupants

- If vehicles can be moved out of the roadway, please do so

-  In the event the other driver/vehicle does not wish to remain on the scene for the OCPS Transportation Manager to arrive, please take pictures of:
- all vehicular damage
- their license
- their registration
- their insurance card
- note their phone number before they leave

- If the OCPS insurance card is not present in your White Fleet vehicle, please click here
(You should be able to screen-shot and text the picture to the other driver)

- If you are involved in an accident after normal business (garage operation hours), on a holiday, or weekend, please contact OCPS Security at 407-317-3333 who will have an on-call Fleet Manager contact you.