Vehicle Surplus

Disposal of district owned vehicles will be coordinated by the Transportation Department.  This will allow the district to decide if the vehicle can be repurposed and to provide a consistent process for the final disposal of all vehicles.  Additionally, it provides an opportunity to recover all equipment which can be repurposed or reinstalled on replacement vehicles.

Many criteria are used in determining when a vehicle can and should be taken out of service, some of which may include, but are not limited to:
- Est. Life Cycle
-Current Cost/mi.
- Depreciation Value
- Level of Use
- Budget Consideration

The Transportation Department will ensure that all system processing and paperwork is complete prior to transferring the vehicle/asset to Surplus Services for final disposal.

To initiate this process, following the approval from the appropriate department head, please complete and submit an OCPS Prop-4 form.
For assistance completing the Prop-4 form, as well as questions and concerns regarding the surplus process, please contact:

Elizabeth “ Z “ Byrd 
Section Leader Fleet Services
Transportation Services
8105 McCoy Rd
Orlando, FL 32822
407-858-3240 ext.2086403
[email protected]

Vehicle Surplus FAQ's

If I surplus a vehicle, will I get a new replacement?
No, not necessarily.  Surplus is independent of acquisition.  If you are approved for a vehicle, and surplus of an existing vehicle is a contingency of the approval, then a new vehicle would be expected.  If surplusing in hope of getting a new vehicle, it generally DOES NOT work that way, and departments are likely to get the same vehicle back, if any.  There may be opportunities to swap a vehicle for another surplus vehicle,  please inquire about this.

When I surplus, do I have to take to take the vehicle anywhere?
No.  Vehicles are generally sold in place through Surplus Services, but the vehicles may be recovered by Transportation for reallocation purposes.  In any case, bringing the vehicle anywhere is not automatic, and if it needs to be transported, the Transportation Department will likely do so.

After I sign and submit the Prop-4, can I still use the vehicle?
No.  Once the Prop-4 is submitted, it is essentially transferred to either the Transportation or Surplus Services Department and taken out of service for general use.  Operation of that vehicle is no longer authorized.