Interpretation/Translation Services Guidelines 

The Interpretation/Translation services provided is to safeguard communications between the families and the district. This will ensure that families have meaningful access to all opportunities and services pertaining to their children’s education by providing them with internal and external resources in their primary language. A large portion of this work entails coordinating translation and interpretation services to facilitate communication with parents/guardians whose primary language is not English. We currently translate in our three most dominant languages within the district: Spanish, Haitian Creole and Portuguese (other languages are available upon request).

Orange County Public Schools has entered into an agreement with Language Line Solutions to provide over-the-phone interpretation services to schools and central office departments.

When to use over-the-phone Interpretation:
- Over the phone, Interpretation Services are particularly appropriate when a matter is routine and expected to last no more than 30 minutes.
- When in-person interpretation is not available specifically for required Special Education meetings (i.e. IEP and evaluation) after attempts have been made to secure in-person interpretation through the district’s request system. 
- When the written translation of information is inadequate or unavailable.
- Undue delay will be avoided by using a remote interpreter rather than an on-site interpreter.
- Instances where information using simple language communication tools (i.e. maps, visuals) will not adequately convey the message.
- Appointments that don’t require substantial oral translation of documentation (i.e. the interpreter reading a document while interpreting it aloud).
- When geographical location hampers access or when in-person interpretation is not available for a specific language - this could be due to timing, low incidence language request, or in-person interpreter cancellation.
- The online request form is not required for over-the-phone interpretations. 
- Please inquire with the school personnel for Language Line assistance.  

Interpretation Request Guidelines

- Interpretation requests should be submitted a minimum of 1 week prior to the date of service. For exotic languages (e.g., Swahili) at least 10 business days prior to service is required.
- Interpretation services are available for both General Education, ELL Program and Exceptional Student Education events, including but not limited to ELL Committee meetings, parent-teacher meetings, student conferences, screenings, Individualized Education Plan (IEP) & 504 meetings, school enrollment, dissemination of information specific to school activities and programs, etc.  
- Exceptional Student Education meetings (i.e. IEP & evaluations) should be requested at the earliest in order to secure services.
- To eliminate the number of interpretation cancellations or no shows, we ask you to do the following: Confirm parent attendance two days before the scheduled event. If a parent is not attending, promptly inform all parties of the cancellation. Cancellation confirmations need to be confirmed 24 hours before the date of service in order to not be charged.

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