Interpretation/Translation Services Guidelines 

The Interpretation/Translation services provided is to safeguard communications between the families and the district. This will ensure that families have meaningful access to all opportunities and services pertaining to their children’s education by providing them with internal and external resources in their primary language. A large portion of this work entails coordinating translation and interpretation services to facilitate communication with parents/guardians whose primary language is not English. We currently translate in our three most dominant languages within the district: Spanish, Haitian Creole and Portuguese (other languages are available upon request).

Language Line

Our goal with Language Line is to help our staff to communicate effectively with limited English speaking and Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing individuals that visit all our locations.

Individuals can request interpreting services quickly by identifying their preferred language on the Language ID Guide or Language ID Desktop Display available in the front desk like the ones you see here.

Simply "point to your language" and an interpreter will be called at no charge to you.

LL ID Guide

LL ID Display

You may use the Select Language option on the top of the page to translate this page content into your preferred language.

How to select language