Donation encourages healthy lifestyle
Posted on 09/28/2020
5 people unload boxes of basketballs

To help kick off this year’s
Magic Fit 4-week challenge, the Orlando Magic, a longtime partner and education advocate, generously donated more than 2,500 basketballs. Not only will this help raise awareness of the Magic Fit challenge, but it will also make it easier for schools to provide a sanitized ball to each child during PE. 

Each week the Magic Fit challenge is broken into three components: the warm up, coach’s corner and the game plan. While the primary focus is physical exercise, the program encourages a holistic approach to achieve fitness. The curriculum teaches students about mindfulness, gratitude, coachability, perspectives and overcoming failure - all valuable life lessons.

Orlando Magic basketball“The Magic Fit challenge promotes social-emotional learning and fosters community within the schools that participate, while providing students with fun and innovative ways to stay active,” Brenda Christopher-Muench, Health and Physical Education resource teacher, said.

Parents of picky eaters may especially appreciate Week 1 Coach’s Corner. It encourages students to eat their school colors from a list of foods provided.  Who knows, maybe future attempts at healthier options will be easier.

Students from schools throughout the district will participate in the four-week challenge through their physical education classes. The school with the highest participation percentage will receive a Magic Fun Day (if safe to do so in early 2021). Magic Community Ambassadors, like Nick Anderson and Bo Outlaw, plus the Orlando Magic Entertainment Team will create a fun-packed day.

OCPS also appreciates CIty Electric Supply who generously picked up and delivered the boxes to schools throughout the district.