Students earn funds preparing for college
Posted on 05/05/2021
6 steps to earn funds

Taking Advanced Placement courses helps prime students for the rigor of college coursework. In addition to taking courses to make oneself a desirable candidate, students have to apply to colleges and universities and then figure out how to finance the institution they choose. 

The College Board is helping students make the financial part of a college education a little bit easier. From January to March, the College Board Opportunity Scholarships awards $500 to 500 students who complete an area of college preparation: Build your college list, Practice for the SAT, Explore scholarships, Strengthen your college list, Complete the FAFSA, Apply to colleges. Students are eligible for the $500 reward for each step they complete. For students who complete all six planning steps, they are entered into the Complete Your Journey drawing, a $40,000 scholarship. 

This program is open to all students and, so far this year, it has awarded $34,500 to 70 OCPS juniors. There’s still time to earn funds. In the coming months, the College Board awards 100 students in each of the six steps. Check their website for details - you don’t want to miss this opportunity.