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Encourage Online Safety

Encourage Online Safety

Safety is our top priority when students are learning in school or at a distance. Help us encourage online safety for students by:

  1. Using sites that protect student information. Look for sites that start with an https//: like LaunchPad
  2. Requiring students to be signed in to the Chrome browser using their OCPS student account
  3. Use technology in open common spaces, if possible, never allow video conferencing behind closed doors
  4. Discuss the difference between personal vs. private information with students and remind them to keep passwords private.

Additional Safety Tips

Update Home Internet Settings

Update Home Internet Setting

Keep students safe online is a team sport and you are the MVP. OCPS supports families by continuing to filter student internet usage on OCPS devices at home 24/7. You can support student safety too by updating your home internet settings to address areas that are specific to your family. Depending on your internet provider, parents may be able to pause internet access, schedule wi-fi availability, set time access limits, and more. Click on the links below to learn more about the parent controls available from your cable provider.