Login to Laptop

All students login to their device with their STUDENT NUMBER as their username.

Elementary students use a standard password configuration to login to their laptop. Please check with your child's teacher if you are unsure what it is.

Secondary students set their own passwords annually or when a new account is created.

The same username and password will be used by students to login to the OCPS SSID and to LaunchPad.

Get Help

Don't struggle! All students can submit a Student Tech Request ticket at or by clicking on the Lifesaver on their LaunchPad.

If prompted, students may need to login with their email address ([email protected]) and their password.

School or district IT staff will communicate with students through their OCPS email address, as needed, to solve the reported problem.

Keep Devices Clean

In partnership with the manufacturers of district purchased devices, the following guidance has been provided to clean and care for devices. Before cleaning, devices should be off and unplugged. Liquid should not be poured onto any device for cleaning or disinfection purposes

Several of our computer manufacturers have posted cleaning instructions for mobile devices:

Restart Devices Weekly

Student devices are updated wirelessly and remotely during the school year, to keep devices in tip top shape. But in order for some updates to take effect you MUST restart your device. We recommend totally shutting down and restarting each device once per week in order to ensure it is working at its best. Make it a Sunday routine to get ready for the week!

Troubleshoot Common Issues

Black Screen or Dark Sections

If your laptop has a black screen, or dark patches on the screen, diagnose this problem as follows:

Example of OCPS login screen with black patch
  • Connect the laptop to a charger to ensure that the issue is unrelated to the device’s battery being depleted or malfunctioning.
  • Perform a hard reset on the device. This will eliminate the possibility of the issue being software-related.
  • Look at the power button; if it is lit up, indicating that the laptop is on, but the screen is still completely dark, the laptop likely has a black screen issue. Confirm this by pressing the Caps Lock button once.
  • If the button lights up but the screen is still dark, the laptop has a black screen issue and must be replaced.
  • If the screen is not completely dark (e.g. it has patches or areas in which the screen is darker), it must be replaced.
  • Visit the Media Center if your laptop has a black screen, as the device must be replaced.

Unresponsive to Touch

If you are unable to use the laptop touchscreen, perform a hard reset on the device. If the touchscreen is still not working, visit the Media Center and fill out a student tech request to have your laptop replaced.

Internet Connectivity

If you cannot access websites or connect to the Internet, try the following steps:

  • Press the key with an airplane icon on your keyboard to make sure the laptop is not in Airplane Mode. There will be a pop-up that reads "Airplane Mode On" or "Airplane Mode Off."
  • If Airplane Mode is “On”, press the key again.
  • Perform a hard reset on the device.
  • Right-click the Internet Access icon icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and select "Troubleshoot problems."
  • If you are prompted to insert a network cable, select "Skip this step."
  • A pop-up window will display the problem that the laptop is having.
  • If there are any errors with red X’s and circles next to them, or if running the diagnostic tool did not fix the problem, you will need to visit the Media Center so that your laptop can be examined.


If your device’s battery is dead despite charging it for a long period of time, or if your device is not charging when plugged in, try the following steps:

  • Plug the charger into a different power outlet.
  • Use a different charger to determine if your charger is damaged. If your charger is the cause of the problem, you can replace it by visiting the Media Center.
  • Turn on your laptop while it is plugged in.
  • If you receive a message containing "HP Battery Alert" as it starts up or there is a red mark over the battery icon Red cross over battery icon, the battery is malfunctioning and your laptop will need to be replaced.
  • Visit the Media Center to fill out a student tech request and resolve the issue.

Microphone Doesn’t Work

Cause: Microphone is muted in the Windows Settings for the device.

Solution: Unmute the microphone in Sound Settings → Device Properties under Input → Additional Device Properties → Levels → Click the Speaker Icon to remove 🚫

Missing Courses in Canvas

Cause: Courses are not Favorited in All Courses. Or, an update was not done correctly for some students who received a schedule change in Skyward.

Solution: Student goes to Courses → All Courses → Click the Star next to needed courses.

Google Authorization Error

Cause: Personal or non-OCPS Google Account linked to the computer or Canvas account.

Solution: Clear out existing login and refresh with the correct account.

Screenshots Won’t Save

Cause: Device is trying to access a server location (H: Drive) that it cannot access.

Solution: Use Snip & Sketch instead of PrtSc button.

Other Website Issues

Cause: Sometimes, websites just act weird due to a setting that has been changed by the student.

Solution: The easiest solution is to clear all the stored data in Chrome and start from scratch. Before completing these steps, make sure you have already tried deleting extensions