OCPS offers comprehensive insurance benefits consisting of medical and life insurance coverage along with a variety of voluntary benefits including additional life, disability, dental and vision insurance. OCPS also offers flexible spending accounts. OCPS employees have access to both an Employee Wellness (EWP) and Employee Assistance (EAP) program. We believe that a rich benefit program is central to recruiting and retaining a dedicated and talented workforce to educate the children of Orange County.

We view employees as learners seeking the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to maintain good health. The information contained in this site is based on our belief that the more informed employees are about their benefits, the better choices they can make. We encourage you to explore the site as you seek to access information about the OCPS insurance plan benefits. Our team is readily accessible (by telephone and e-mail) to answer your questions.

Insurance Benefits

OCPS Insurance Benefits
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2019-20 Enrollment Material

Please visit the Enrollment Information page on the intranet for information on this year's annual enrollment and the 2019-20 plans. 

CVS/caremark Card Info

  • Temporary ID Card
    CVS/caremark is the pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) for OCPS active employees and retirees, not eligible for Medicare. If you need to fill a prescription prior to receiving your card, please use the temporary card linked here.

Summary of Benefits & Coverage (SBC)

This information is being provided as required by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). In addition to these medical summaries, OCPS provides an outline of coverage for each plan in the Insurance Benefits Handbook, linked on the left side of this page. This is only a summary of details of the policy. The actual contractual governing provisions can be found in the Plan Document.

2018-19 SBCs

OCPS Grievance Procedure

  • Grievance Procedure
    A grievance is a formal complaint filed by a Covered Person. The OCPS Grievance Procedure follows a confidential method of hearing and resolving grievances involving interpretations of the Plan. Click here for the Grievance Procedure.

Notice Regarding Wellness Program

This information is provided as required by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.



Employee Information

  • Insurance on the Intranet
    Click here to access employee specific information. You must log in to access Intranet pages. To log in, use the same OCPS username and password that you use to log on to your computer or email at work.