The 2021 Reapportionment Advisory Committee has completed its task of redrawing the school board member residence boundary areas and recommending the proposed maps to the School Board for approval. The School Board adopted a resolution and the new boundary map at its December 14, 2021 meeting: 2021 Adopted Resolution and Boundary Map. This webpage will remain active to provide the public with the various documents and procedures followed in the reapportionment process.

* Note: The reapportionment process impacts in which school board district you vote. It does NOT impact where your child attends school and it does NOT impact school attendance zones.

Reapportionment Advisory Committee Members

Nominating Individual

Nominee Name

School Board Chair
Teresa Jacobs

Diego (Woody) Rodriguez

Sharon Warner

Elisha Gonzalez-Bonnewitz

District 1 Board Member
Angie Gallo

Joie Cadle

Tom Beard

District 2 Board Member
Johanna Lopez

Soraya Smith

Sami Haiman-Marrero

District 3 Board Member
Linda Kobert

Michael Daniels

Jim Doherty

District 4 Board Member
Pam Gould

Krista Compton Carter

Sharod Kelley

District 5 Board Member
Vicki-Elaine Felder

Kran Riley

Deborah Denise Settles

District 6 Board Member
Karen Castor Dentel

Julien M. Serrano-O’Neil

Stephanie Vanos

District 7 Board Member
Melissa Byrd

Monique Morris

Rob Richmond