Welcome to VPK

Your child is about to begin an exciting time of learning. OCPS’s Voluntary Prekindergarten
Program is designed to prepare children for kindergarten and to focus on early reading, writing, math and social skills. Our program offers high quality, stimulating and developmentally appropriate practices which include:

  • Encouraging children to achieve their highest potential through healthy, innovative, educational and fun activities.
  • Modeling the character values of honesty, respect, responsibility and kindness.
  • Building a sense of community among the public schools and families.
  • Encouraging children to learn about their culture, and the culture of others, by exposing them to books, music and toys that celebrate diversity.
  • Extending the range of play and learning experiences outside the classroom through an emphasis on outdoor and natural learning environments, field trips and classroom visits from a wide variety of community resources.
  • Supporting inclusion of children with special needs.
  • Integrating classroom centers that support the Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards for a 4 year old.
  • Providing a content-based curriculum with opportunities for language development, early literacy, writing, mathematical thinking, science and social studies.

OCPS District Staff

Early Childhood Senior Administrator
Pamela Clark
[email protected]

VPK Program Coordinator
Kimberly Pena-Rodriguez
[email protected]