Parent Guidelines

Parents are a significant part of a child's education. You are the first and most important teacher for your child. Your input and guidance are vital to your child's education. We encourage parents to maintain communication with the school and your child's teacher.

Home Visits/ Meet the Teacher

The transition from home to school can be frightening for a young child. To make this easier, the teacher will conduct a home visit or an orientation at school before the school year begins. The VPK teacher and teacher assistant will provide activities designed to ease you and your child into a new school experience.

Contacting the Teacher/Conferences

Teachers will notify you as to the best way to contact them. Please make an appointment to meet with the teacher before or after school so the teacher can focus on the children during the school day.

Two to three parent-teacher conferences are required per year. The purpose of these conferences are:

  • For the teacher to share information about your child’s progress in school.
  • For the teacher to provide you with information, ideas and activities to do at home. This reinforces skills taught at school.
  • For you to share information or concerns with your child's teacher that may assist with providing the best experiences for your child.

Classroom Visits

Your involvement and support are important to the quality of this program. Volunteers must be registered through the ADDitions Volunteer Program. You can visit the ADDitions website at: or call 407-317-3323. You can ask your child's teacher or visit the school's office for more information. Please note that volunteers are subject to a background check as required by law.