Multilingual Services offer several opportunities for parents of English Language Learner students (ELL) to learn English. English Literacy classes equip parents of ELLs to support their children to be successful in school. Consult the ESOL Compliance Specialist at your school or our Bilingual Parent Liaisons for more information. 

We offer :

Free Rosetta Stone ELL Community Solution Licenses to learn English

Rosetta Stone Licenses

Parents of ELLs will have the opportunity to obtain a Rosetta Stone license to learn English at their pace on a first come, first serve basis.

For registration code, please contact the ESOL Compliance Specialist at your school or our Bilingual Parent Liaisons.

ESOL Literacy Courses at OCPS Technical Colleges 

Learn English CTE

These are the ESOL Literacy course requirements at our CTE centers:

-Provide acceptable valid issued identification

-Complete student application with an OTC admissions staff

-Take CASAS test to determine class placement

-Meet with an OTC admissions staff member

-Complete online orientation video:

-Register for class online:

-Pay tuition and annual processing fees (Voucher)

Annual Processing Fee:
$10.00--paid by OCPS’ Multilingual Services

Academic Tuition:
$45.00 per semester-paid by OCPS’ Multilingual Services for full school year

-Parking Decal: $20.00 per semester - covered by the student

-Obtain a class schedule and student ID to attend class

A counselor or registrar will contact the parent after the registration process is completed.

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