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In An Emergency

In case of Emergency, OCPS will communicate with Parents and Staff through one or all of these channels:

Connect Orange Icon OCPS Connect Orange*
Laptop icon District and/or School Website
Social media icon Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)
TV Icon Local Media Outlets (Radio or TV)

Parents are notified of delayed dismissals when signed up for the Connect Orange automated phone system. Sometimes the rest of the day's bus schedule is impacted after a delay.

Please ensure the correct telephone number is listed on school records to ensure you receive Connect Orange messages. Contact your child's school to ensure telephone numbers are valid.

NOTE: Calls are mass notifications that do not include any individual identifying information.

*Sign Up for Connect Orange at your child's school - Keep your telephone number current

Frequently Asked Question

What type of advice and/or guidance can I provide to my student on safety precautions for getting to and from school?
  • Students should walk in groups or pairs
  • Students should travel on a designated route, and parents should know the route their student is taking.
  • Students should check in with a responsible individual when they arrive at home.
  • Students should be taught to always be aware of their surroundings.
  • Students should avoid alleys on their designated route to/from school.
  • Students should walk on designated sidewalks and in well-lit areas.
  • Parents should notify the school when after-school procedures change.

Controlled Release

Controlled release is a district directed dismissal from school if there is an emergency incident or event. Notification methods will be sent to parents and guardians with instructions and a description of the controlled release details.

Student Reunification

During an emergency incident the Orange County Public Schools District will follow through a student reunification plan when students and staff are evacuated from a building. The district works with safety partners to ensure families and guardians can safely pick-up and checkout their student after an evacuation.

Frequently Asked Question

Where would I pick up my student in case of an emergency?
  • Please do NOT arrive at a school site until you are notified of the pick up location.
  • Parents or guardians will pick up at the school site, or at an alternate location, depending on the emergency situation.
  • Notifications will be communicated through OCPS Connect Orange, social media, news media, and may be published on the district or school website.

After An Emergency

After an emergency, notifications will be communicated through OCPS Connect Orange, social media, news media, and may be published on the district or school website.

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