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The Federal Emergency Management Agency has valuable resources for kids, teens and adults working to provide tools and information to help before, during and after disasters.


Have a fun time playing games and getting tips to remember what to do for different disasters.

Kids- Click here to get started.



Build the confidence to lead your family and community’s preparedness actions.

Teens- Click here to get started!



Get involved in activities as a family to be prepared if you are at home, school or anywhere else.

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Videos are a quick way to start the conversation on emergency preparedness. Take a look and take these topics to your next family meeting, dinner conversation, and driving conversations with your family.

Emergency Preparation by Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffins
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FEMA Accessible: Helping Children Cope After a Disaster (American Sign Language) 
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Disaster Dodgers age explain all emergencies.
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Have an interest in Hurricane Science, Mitigation and Preparedness. Check out The Eye of the Storm 2020 virtual series, courtesy of the Museum of Discovery and Science. Watch the science behind hurricane forecasting with the National Hurricane Center.
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Safety Partners

Safety and Emergency Management

The OCPS Safety and Emergency Management department establishes a safe working and learning environment for our students, employees, and visitors. Activities the administrators do include training and education in emergency preparedness, business continuity initiatives for OCPS staff and administrators, distribution of standard response protocol literature, and collaborations with safety partners. The department consist of: Emergency Management and Business Continuity, The Office of the Fire Marshal and The Safety Office.

Office of the Fire Marshal:
  • Some activities they conduct include overseeing district-wide fire code compliance and fire prevention programming and leading workplace safety and OSHA compliance programs. To find out more information visit their Department page.
Safety Office
  • Activities they conduct include coordination of safety practices and programs.

Media Relations

To learn more please visit the Media Relations department website.

District Police

The OCPS District Police partner with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to ensure school safety. For more information, please visit the District Police website.

Environmental Compliance and Sustainability

The OCPS Environmental Compliance and Sustainability Department offers multi-disciplined environmental expertise in regulatory compliance, industrial hygiene, and sustainability services.
  1. Environmental Compliance is the conformity in fulfilling environmental regulations.

  2. Industrial hygiene is the science of protecting and enhancing the health and safety of students, staff, and the community.

  3. Sustainability is inspiring action among staff and students to improve the environment, reduce district costs, and make a positive social impact in our community.
Further information can be found on the OCPS Environmental Compliance & Sustainability website.

Exceptional Student Education

To learn more please visit the Exceptional Student Education Department website.


The district maintenance custodial is a vital partner when it comes to preparing OCPS prior to an emergency. Some of the activities they do include conducting checklists to ensure safety and ensure generators and facility requirements are up to date for storm season. To learn more please visit the Facilities Department website.