Family Engagement and Digital Outreach

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District Contacts

The Family Engagement team is led by Director Mariel Milano. Together with the Family Engagement team members, they support family engagement at all schools.

The Family Engagement team can be reached by email at [email protected]

School Contacts

Every Title I school has a dedicated, full-time Parent Engagement Liaison whose purpose is coordinating family engagement opportunities by:
  • empowering families to monitor their child’s grades, attendance and assessments by utilizing web-based portal
  • providing school tours to prospective familie
  • answering questions pertaining to family engagement
  • conducting home visits relative to family engagement to build relationships
  • delivering parent workshops
  • attending and communicating with PTA, SAC and MPLC 
  • establishing communication with all parents
  • improving parent and family outreach
  • coordinating training opportunities for parent and families that will positively impact student performance
  • identifying community resources
  • informing parents and families experiencing challenges and crisis of wraparound services such as food banks, clothing banks, and discounted utilities
  • encouraging parents and family members to volunteer
  • hosting virtual Parent Academy watch parties
  • coordinates parents and school staff to attend face-to-face Parent Academy
  • presents family workshops at schools
  • participating in articulation sessions with feeder schools to support planning for incoming students and families
  • supporting secondary schools families to navigate the educational system and monitor their child’s academic progress in order to keep students on the path to graduation

School Name Phone Number ExtEnsion Email Address 
Acceleration East HS    407-992-0917    
 Azalea Park ES  Haydenisse Heredia Solano  407-245-1735    [email protected]
 Bonneville ES  Lianne Velez Fernandez  407-249-6290    [email protected]
 Carver MS  Tasha Owens  407-296-5110    [email protected]
 Castle Creek ES  Jocelyn Arbogast 407-207-7428
   [email protected]
 Catalina ES  Malissa McCann  407-245-1735    [email protected]
 Cheney ES  Mary Jane Marrero Pamias  407-672-3120    [email protected]
 Chickasaw ES  Wanda Medina-Gonzalez  407-249-6300    [email protected]
 Citrus ES  Aolani Allen  407-445-5499    [email protected]
 Clemente MS  Jeanette Medina-Rodriguez  407-249-6430    [email protected]
 College Park MS  Nakeisha "Nikki" Covington  407-245-1800    [email protected]
 Colonial HS  Jasmine Salmon  407-482-6300    [email protected]
 Conway ES  Elielvira Henry  407-249-6310    [email protected]
 Dover Shores ES  Ana Zumztein Kilpatrick  407-249-6330    [email protected]
 Dream Lake ES  Kelly Baloun  407-884-2227    [email protected]
 Eagles Nest ES    407-521-2795    
 Eccleston ES  Gregory Chandler  407-296-6400    [email protected]
 Engelwood ES  Milton Velez  407-249-6340    [email protected]
 Evans HS  Latoya Rattery  407-522-3400    [email protected]
 Forsyth Woods ES  Ada Cubano  407-207-7495    [email protected]
 Frangus ES    407-296-6469    
 Hiawassee ES  Lisa Hardeman  407-296-6410    [email protected]
 Hungerford ES Alicia Washington  407-623-1430    [email protected]
 Ivey Lane ES  Denise Hardwick  407-296-6420    [email protected]
 Jones HS  Joseph Clayton  407-835-2300    [email protected]
 Killarney ES  Rosanna Rocha  407-623-1438    [email protected]
 Lake Gem ES  Abdias Garcia  407-532-7900    [email protected]
 Lake Silver ES  Ayana Spears  407-245-1850    [email protected]
 Lake Weston ES  Antoinette Taylor Dolvin  407-296-6431    [email protected]
 Lakeville ES  Teneshia Thomas  407-814-6110    [email protected]
 Lancaster ES  Daisy Vazquez  407-858-3130    [email protected]
 Lawton Chiles ES  Glenda Martinez  407-737-1470    [email protected]
 Liberty MS  Fatty Ayala  407-249-6440    [email protected]
 Little River ES  Iris Marquez Quintana  407-249-6360    [email protected]
 Lockhart ES  Stephanie Pierce  407-296-6440    [email protected]
 Lockhart MS  Joanne Denis  407-296-5120    [email protected]
 Lovell ES    407-884-2235    
 Maxey ES  Cali Seddon  407-877-5020    [email protected]
 McCoy ES  Luz Reyes - Munoz  407-249-6370    [email protected]
 Meadow Woods ES  Mayra DeJesus  407-858-3140    [email protected]
 Meadowbrook MS  Cynthia Thomas  407-296-5130    [email protected]
 Memorial MS  Warnell Danner  407-245-1810    [email protected]
 Millennia Gardens ES  Ruben Tirado  407-845-0665    [email protected]
 Mollie Ray ES  Netisha Thornelant  407-296-6460    [email protected]
 Oak Hill ES  Jessica Williams  407-296-6470    [email protected]
 Oak Ridge HS  Ana Gonzalez  407-852-3200    [email protected]
 Ocoee ES  Maria "Nelly" Ramirez  407-877-5027    [email protected]
 OCPS ACE PS-8  Angela Jefferson  407-866-1280    [email protected]
 Orange Center ES  Shuntara Fuller  407-296-6490    [email protected]
 Orlo Vista ES  Erika Knight  407-296-6490    [email protected]
 Palmetto ES  Aneila Jugmohan  407-858-3150    [email protected]
 Piedmont Lakes MS  Randy Thomas  407-884-2265    [email protected]
 Pinar ES  Marilyn Galindo  407-249-6380    [email protected]
 Pine Hills ES  Colita Smith  407-296-6500    [email protected]
 Pineloch ES  Cruz Romero  407-245-1825    [email protected]
 Pinewood ES  Violo Baloye  407-632-7930    [email protected]
 Ridgewood Park ES  Tralaynia Gibbs  407-296-6510    [email protected]
 Riverdale ES  Jeanie Lawrence  407-737-1400    [email protected]
 Riverside ES  Tiffany Theophile  407-296-6520    [email protected]
 Robinswood MS  Samuel Reddick  407-296-5140    [email protected]
 Rock Lake ES  Tamara Clark  407-245-1880    [email protected]
 Rolling Hill ES  Josephine Anderson  407-296-6530    [email protected]
 Rosemont ES  Shirley Williams  407-522-6050    [email protected]
 Sadler ES  Karinalee Rodriguez-Alicea  407-354-2620   [email protected]
 Sally Ride ES  Jenny Morgan  407-585-3100    [email protected]
 Shingle Creek ES  Datcha Joseph  407-354-2650    [email protected]
 Silver Pines Academy  Tamara Clark