Overture Players Only
Posted on 10/05/2022
5 photos gif - Video game player, Princess singing, Mario singing, the three together sing, a group of students sings

“That was the best thing I’ve ever seen,” exclaimed one boy to his friend. “Yeah, it was awesome,” another boy quickly replied. 

As the duo exited the Disney Theater at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts similar sentiments could be heard amongst other excited students. 

For the first time in two years, OCPS students attended the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra’s Young People’s Concerts presented by Walt Disney World Resort. Their enthusiasm upon entering was palpable. Bystanders heard students’ “ooos” and “wows” as they took in the beauty of the venue.


The OPO proudly introduces the magic of orchestral music to the littlest ears with its stellar return of the YPC. Now in its 30th year of partnership with OCPS, the YPC features an age-appropriate performance that showcases musicians from the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra, dancers from the Orlando Ballet, and singers from Opera Orlando. Using a video game theme, “Game Overture,” to introduce instruments, sound and dance, it made connections in vernacular students understood.

The orchestra conductor taught the gamer about the different sections that make up an orchestra, such as brass and strings, to help her earn points against the dark overlord who was trying to steal joy. The Orlando Opera singers, Princess and Mario, taught the sounds of a singing voice, such as soprano and baritone, to help the gamer earn points too. And, dancers from the Orlando Ballet taught movements to music to ensure the gamer had a well-rounded knowledge of the arts and thus defeat the antagonist to win the game.

Upon winning, the gamer, Princess and Mario invited the student audience to sing along to “How far I’ll go” from Disney’s Moana. It was magical.


All OCPS grades 3 - 5 students will participate in the program over a three-month period. Educators utilized specially created materials to teach the skills and concepts necessary for students to best connect with the performance. Every year, OPO serves more than 45,000 OCPS students through the power of live music and are thrilled to continue this long standing tradition.