Curriculum and Digital Learning Staff Email Addresses
Title Name Email
Chief Academic Officer Dr. Tashanda Brown-Cannon [email protected]
Senior Executive Director, Curriculum & Digital Learning Dr. James Russo [email protected]
Senior Director, Curriculum & Digital Learning Marcie Wheeler [email protected]
Senior Director, K-12 Visual & Performing Arts Scott Evans [email protected]
Senior Director Instructional Process Specialist Alysia Leonard [email protected]
Director, Elementary Curriculum & Instruction Mandy Butterfield [email protected]
Director, Secondary Curriculum & Instruction Mandy Butterfield [email protected]
Director, Instructional Technology & Library Media Allison Kibbey [email protected]
Director, Instructional Materials and Systems John Lien [email protected]
Director, Advanced Studies Rebecca Hunt [email protected]
Senior Administrator, Elementary Science Jill Adcock [email protected]
Senior Administrator, Elementary Math Lanee Wilcox [email protected]
Senior Administrator, Elementary Literacy Janice Brenes Catinchi [email protected]
Senior Administrator, Secondary Science and Social Studies Deana Tolbert [email protected]
Senior Administrator, Secondary Math Kristen Angel [email protected]
Senior Administrator, Secondary Literacy Sara Venezia [email protected]
Senior Administrator, K-12 MTSS and Intervention Jennifer McSparran [email protected]
Senior Administrator, Instructional Materials Thomas Chang [email protected]
Senior Administrator, Instructional Systems Annette Estevill-Perez [email protected]
Senior Administrator, Visual & Performing Arts Jason Locker [email protected]
Senior Administrator, Early Childhood Pamela Clark [email protected]
Senior Administrator, WSPLC Marvia Barrington [email protected]
Instructional Process Specialist Jennifer Baer [email protected]
Instructional Process Specialist Lillian Ruiz-Rivera [email protected]
Instructional Process Specialist Scott Green [email protected]