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  • Provides support to students and parents

  • Promotes self-advocacy

  • Provides assistance for children in foster care through the Foster Care Designee Program

  • Collaborates with area and school administrators

  • Identifies resources for at-risk students

Who We Are

The Office of Student Advocacy is a division of OCPS Office of School Choice Services, housed within the Educational Leadership Center. Student Advocacy is comprised of the OCPS district administrators for Attendance, Foster Care, and Juvenile Justice, a Senior Manager/Court Liaison, a guidance counselor, and a Truancy Center Liaison, all of whom serve as student advocates. Our offices are located at the Juvenile Justice Center (Juvenile Courthouse), Orange County Greater Oaks Village, and the Juvenile Assessment Center.

We provide support to parents and students who are experiencing difficulties navigating school district requirement or other school-related experiences. We work collaboratively with school and area administrators. We believe that all students are worthy of a quality education, despite backgrounds or personal circumstances. We are collaborative partners with community agencies that serve the youth of Orange County, such as Ninth Judicial Circuit Courts, Department of Children and Families, Department of Juvenile Justice, Orange County Government, State Attorney's Office, Public Defender's Office, Law Enforcement agencies, and Clerk of Courts.


Seeks to foster self-advocacy on the part of parents and students by providing up to date information and materials/resources that may be relevant in helping to resolve educational issues. Please note: This department does not provide parent or child advocates. You will need to reach out directly to the District Office (407) 317-3200 for additional resources.

Juvenile Justice

Works closely with the Department of Juvenile Justice and law enforcement to ensure that legal obligations of notifications are executed. Youth receive educational counseling, and truancy issues are addressed.

Foster Care

Supports community-based care agencies contracted by DCF regarding children in Foster Care, and serve as the main point of contact for foster care designees in the schools.

Truancy/Truancy Court

Implements policy as dictated by Florida Education law, FS 1003.

Truancy petitions are filed from this office. The court liaison represents the district in truancy proceedings.