The Multilingual Parent Leadership Council

The function of the District MPLC is to collaborate in problem-solving, program enhancements, communication to parents, and recognition of student achievement. The District MPLC consists of one parent-at-large, one community member, an ELL parent from each of the five district learning communities, and two district multilingual staff. The parents from the learning communities are a chair or co-chair of a school MPLC. The district provides resources to the District MPLC such as leadership training and orientation to the district's ELL program services and involvement opportunities available to parents of ELLs.

Each school in the district is required to have an MPLC comprised of a majority (51%) of ELL parents. The purpose of the MPLC is to encourage parental involvement and participation in the implementation of ELL programming and academic achievement initiatives.

 22-23 DMPLC Executive Board