OCPS and the district's Healthy School Teams work to increase the health and wellness of students and staff. In recent years, schools have prioritized health and nutrition education, increased opportunities for students to engage in physical activity, began selling healthier foods as fundraisers, reduced the number of junk food snacks used in reward programs and class parties, started employee fitness programs (such as walking clubs and exercise programs), hosted family and community health fairs, and added health and wellness information to their school's newsletters and websites.

In addition, the Healthy School Teams have designed a wellness action plan for their schools based upon the guidelines of the OCPS Local School Wellness Policy. The Local School Wellness Policy was designed to increase the health and well-being of the students and staff of OCPS.

Schools play a vital role in the wellness of their students by providing opportunities for learning about and practicing healthy behaviors. Good student health fosters student attendance, improves school climate, enhances student performance, and decreases childhood obesity.

Dr. Rebecca Hunt
Director of Advanced Studies
[email protected]