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The Charter School Support office is located at Gotha Middle School.  The address is 9155 Gotha Road, Orlando, FL 34786. Phone Number 407 317-3312 

The district ESE office supports students with disabilities who attend charter schools in Orange County.  Students with disabilities and their parents retain all rights afforded them under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act – I.D.E.A.    

Charter schools that are public schools of the local educational agency - LEA, Orange County, must:

  • Serve children with disabilities attending those charter schools in the same manner as the LEA serves children with disabilities in its other schools including providing supplementary and related services on site at the charter school to the same extent to which the LEA serves its other students.

  • Ensure that educational services are provided to charter school students.

  • Provide funds to those charter schools on the same basis as the LEA provides funds to the other public schools, including proportional distribution based on relative enrollment of children with disabilities. (34 CRF 300.209) 

OCPS provides technical assistance and services to charter schools through district ESE staff.  These services include:

  • Training, child find, consultative services, expertise in compliance monitoring and documentation and dispute resolution support.

  • OCPS utilizes the services of district staffing specialists to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations who deliver on-site services at charter schools.

Contact Info


Dr. M. Tricia Phillip-Magee
Director, ESE Supplemental Services

Victoria Singh
Senior Administrator

Yidaa Gandi-Capio
Program Specialist

Angela Restrepo
Program Specialist