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Dr. Betsy Theis, Principal

Maritere Gaymer-Callaway, Assistant Principal

July, 2020

Dear Hospital Homebound Families,

We hope you’ve been staying safe and healthy this summer!  By now, you should have selected your child’s registration option for school this year.  We’ll be ready with all of the options when school begins.  Whichever option you selected, we’ll continue providing high quality education to support your child in school. 

As of July 27, our start date will be August 10.  Between August 10 and August 20 (nine days), all students registered for face-to-face OR [email protected] will be on the LaunchEd platform from home.  These will be instructional days that include many of the typical exercises at the beginning of a school year and standard instructional time.  Beginning August 21st we will resume our usual schedule.  

Our staff will be contacting some families to ensure referrals are completed and/or to confirm the family’s registration that shows their choice of instructional models.  

You can count on us to communicate updates, as they become available.  We appreciate the trust you place in us, as we ensure that every student has a promising and successful future.

Stay safe!

Betsy Theis

Dr. Betsy Theis



Welcome to Hospital Homebound

Effective 8/11/2014, Hospital Homebound applications must be requested by the parent/guardian through the Hospital Homebound office. An application can either be mailed out or picked up, but is not available electronically.

Hospital/Homebound offers a short term instructional program for eligible students who have been diagnosed with a medical or psychiatric condition that confines the students to the home, hospital, or other restrictive setting for at least 15 school days. These students must be able to participate and benefit from an instructional program to be eligible for these services.

Teachers provide instruction designed to help the students continue progressing academically in the core curriculum while away from their regular school program. The curriculum at Hospital/Homebound is based upon the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.

The Hospital/Homebound School is located at 12301 Warrior Rd., Orlando, FL 34787. The school serves students throughout Orange County in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. Our student body is dynamic and reflects the diversity within the communities we serve.

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