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Preschool Diagnostic Intervention Services

3130 Edgewater Drive
Orlando, FL 32804
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Kathryn Anderson, EdD.
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Kathryn Anderson

Preschool Diagnostic Intervention Services (PDIS) assists families of children ages 3-5 in the identification of learning delays and disabilities through screening and evaluation, development of an Individualized Educational Plan, and referral to programs and services. Support to families and school staff is provided through training, professional development and consultation.

Preschool Diagnostic Intervention Services

Mission Statement

Preschool Diagnostic Intervention Services primary focus is to lay the foundation for our youngest students to become lifelong learners in Orange County Public Schools. Throughout our evaluations students will be the focal point of all endeavors stressing academic, mental, emotional, physical, and social development. Early intervention decisions for services will be determined to the best interest of each individual child’s needs to succeed.

Orange County Public Schools recognizes that every student has unique individual needs.  A team of stakeholders (Educational Diagnostician, Speech-Language Pathologist, School Psychologist, Social Worker, Parent, Student, and Staffing Specialist) will evaluate and collaborate to determine the child’s needs, best placement, and program for each individual student. We will ensure the availability of a full continuum of program options to fit the unique needs of all students and guarantee their academic, social and emotional progress. Parents will be offered training, resources, and contacts to support student learning. In a partnership with our staff, parents, and community we will strive to nurture the “whole child” to reach his/her fullest potential.

Preschool Diagnostic Intervention Services is located at 3130 Edgewater Drive, Orlando,FL 32804