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Michael D. Graf
ADA Compliance Officer
Office of Legal Services
Orange County Public Schools
445 West Amelia Street
Orlando, Florida 32801
Direct: (407) 250-6248
Facsimile: (407) 317-3348

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Click this no access symbol to request equal access to a specific service or school that may require barrier removal.

Public Accommodation Request Form

Members of the public who need a barrier removal accommodation or modification to a program, service, or activity of Orange County Public Schools should make that request by letter, e-mail, phone call to the ADA Manager, or by using this request form.

click this handicap symbol to request general accommodations.
ADA Reasonable Accommodation Request Form

This is a two part form that is to be completed partially by the employee and partially by his/her doctor.

In lieu of completing these forms the employee's treating physician may state in writing the following information:

(1) the employee's diagnosis and/or medical condition, 
(2) what restrictions or limitations the employee has that impedes his/her ability to perform the job, and 
(3) the duration or length of time that the restrictions should be in place (ie; weeks, months, or permanent).

Click this collage of religious symbols to request a religious workplace accommodation.
Request for Religious Workplace Accommodations

Orange County Public Schools is committed to diversity and inclusiveness of all our employees. A reasonable religious workplace accommodation is a change in the work environment or in the way tasks or responsibilities are customarily done that enables an employee to participate in his/her religious practice or belief without undue hardship on District operations. To consider your request for a religious workplace accommodation, please complete this form.



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