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Family Empowerment Scholarship with
Unique Abilities for Private School

Parents choosing the private school option are responsible for the following:

  • selecting an FSA Scholarship eligible private school. A directory of private schools. 

  • withdrawing from the current public school (must complete the official withdrawal form at the public school before enrolling in the private school).

  • transportation to the chosen private school.

Family Empowerment website

Florida School Choice Program Parent Hotline: 1-800-447-1636

For more information, email the OCPS District FES-UA Office at [email protected] or call 407-317-3275

FES-UA Eligibility Letters

FES-UA Eligibility Letter - English

FES-UA Eligibility Letter - Spanish

FES-UA Eligibility Letter - Haitian Creole

Contact Info


Dr. M. Tricia Phillip-Magee
Director, ESE Supplemental Services

Victoria Singh

Senior Administrator

Yidaa Gandi-Capio

Program Specialist

Beth Hoover
District FES-UA Lead