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The OCPS parent services program for Exceptional Student Education is a parent to parent partnership funded through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.For more than ten years, this program has offered peer support, community resource access, District information important to families, and acted as a conduit between schools and families in need. The program is designed to empower parents to advocate for their own children and to help parents teach their children self-advocacy skills.

Availability is important, so our team answers emails and takes parent phone calls at all hours, seven days a week. The parent services program is administered only by parents of OCPS students with disabilities who contract with the District and are not employees. These services for support and information are available to families in both English and in Spanish.


FLDOE Survey - Exceptional Student Education

These live videos have been archived for your convenience and can be used as educational tools to better understand the services these organizations provide as they help families engage and participate by completing the ESE Parent Survey


Special Ed Connection

Danielle Roberts-Dahm, Ph.D., Project 10

Debunking Myths about the ESE Parent Survey

What is the Family Cafe?

Catherine B. Zenko, CARD

ESE Demo



Parent Engagement Resources

  • An introductory video for parents about the concepts and practices related to the school-level use of problem solving and how it affects their child in the context of the school-wide implementation

  • The Parent Resource Guide Print Version is a flyer that schools can print and disseminate to parents and teachers for awareness of resources available to them to increase family engagement within a multi-tiered system of supports.

  • The Parent Resource Guide Digital Version is for downloading and works great for parents and teachers who want to view and access a variety of specific resources to increase family engagement within a multi-tiered system of supports.