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One of the initiatives that has shown real promise is the MAO Acceleration program.  As described by education author, consultant and innovator, Suzy Pepper Rollins, Acceleration is a teaching strategy that “readies students for new learning. Past concepts and skills are addressed, but always in the purposeful context of future learning. Acceleration jump-starts underperforming students into learning new concepts before their classmates even begin. Rather than being stuck in the remedial slow lane, students move ahead of everyone into the fast lane of learning. Acceleration provides a fresh academic start for students every week and creates opportunities for struggling students to learn alongside their more successful peers.”*

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The typical teaching model begins with core instruction and ends with assessment.  Students that successfully access core instruction can be moved on to enrichment, but students who struggle often require remediation, re-teaching and re-assessing.  Far too many students fall short of standards mastery through core instruction alone.  Acceleration is an additional step in the teaching model that has proven to increase student learning rates and decrease the need for remediation. 

Research studies have shown that academic success rates climb when students are given prior exposure to upcoming component skills, such as key concepts and vocabulary.  In addition, core instruction teachers report that Acceleration students are more engaged and confident, participate more actively in group discussions, and perform better on assessments.    Nicole Castor Sadler
     * From Learning in the Fast Lane by Suzy Pepper Rollins

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