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The MAO Acceleration Initiative is a strategy that focuses on the front-loading of critical concepts and associated vocabulary and the dispelling of common misconceptions before the delivery of core instruction. Front-loading provides below grade level students with extended background building opportunities and early exposure to critical vocabulary, which increases the likelihood that they will successfully access the core instruction when it is introduced in the classroom.

Among the benefits gained through Acceleration instruction:

  • Builds students’ background knowledge and establishes relevancy before a lesson
  • Raises students’ self-efficacy and academic confidence
  • Allows students to preview content so they can participate in fruitful classroom discussions
  • Increases student engagement and students’ academic proficiency levels

Dr. Osvaldo Piedra
Senior Administrator
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NaTasha Grayson
District Resource Teacher
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Maritza Martinez
District Resource Teacher
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Ingrid Weeden
District Resource Teacher
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