Programs and Outreach

Green Schools Program LogoThe Green Schools Recognition Program
Encourages stewardship in school communities by rewarding and honoring schools for their sustainability efforts to conserve energy and water, reduce waste, enhance school grounds with gardens and outdoor learning areas while incorporating sustainability in the curriculum and partnering with those in the community to assist the school in developing their sustainability initiatives. 

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Recycling and Solid Waste Services
All OCPS Schools and Facilities have recycling collection services. All classrooms, common areas and administrative offices have recycling bins to allow participation in the single stream recycling program. The single stream recycling program allows all materials to be placed in one recycling bin. The items accepted in the program include notebook and copy paper, pasteboard, cardboard, junk mail, magazines and phone books, plastic bottles and jars, glass bottles and jars, and aluminum and steel cans. This leaves very few items left that need to be disposed of in a landfill.

Today's Lesson: Asbestos links websiteAsbestos -The Environmental Protection Agency has issued a final rule, 40 CFR Part 763, Asbestos Containing Material (ACM)  in schools. If asbestos is present in an OCPS school an Asbestos Management plan is located in the administrative office and also at the Environmental Compliance Department. Asbestos Containing Materials, if present, are inspected by Environmental Compliance every six months to prevent exposure risk to students and/or staff. Damaged asbestos containing material is assessed, documented, and/or removed by a licensed asbestos contractor and monitored by a licensed asbestos consultant.

BioMedical Waste ManagementBiomedical Waste Plan are available in all schools. The plan includes a description of training for personnel. It also includes procedures for segregating, labeling, packaging, transporting, storing, and treating, biomedical waste as well as procedures for decontaminating biomedical waste spills This plan is used as a contingency plan for emergencies.

Photo of building open at roof showing what is insideIndoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a critical component of providing a healthy and comfortable learning environment. IAQ affects the health, productivity, performance and comfort of students, teachers, and staff. Concerns should be reported to the school Principal. 

Photo of Petroleum Storage tanks

Petroleum Storage Tanks are used throughout OCPS Schools and Facilities to store fuels for vehicles and other equipment. OCPS also has small, unregulated, petroleum storage tanks at some schools. The Environmental Compliance Department ensures all regulated tanks meet Federal, State, and Local environmental requirements.

Waste Management PhotoRegulated wastes are commonly divided into Universal waste and Hazardous waste. The Environmental Compliance Department manages the contractual collection and reporting of all waste for OCPS.