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Badge distribution is on Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.
For questions, call 407-317-3200 ext. 2026101.

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Fingerprinting for Individual Applicant (non-OCPS employees)       Fingerprinting for Vendor Administrator

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Fingerprinting FAQ

Important Information

Fingerprints are used to check the criminal history records of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).


All employees must undergo a state and national criminal history background check upon hire. Fingerprints are retained for the duration of employment and every five years are re-submitted for another national criminal history check.

Criminal History Disqualification

Orange County Public Schools publishes hiring guidelines. A link to the current guidelines can be found here: Hiring Statement and Privacy Rights.

The link above is not intended to be a complete list of disqualifying criminal offenses. Please refer to Florida Statute 1012.315 for information related to disqualification from employment.

Criminal History Disclosure and Clarification

All criminal history must be disclosed for employment consideration with a Florida public school district; including sealed or expunged records. Failure to disclose criminal history upon employment with Orange County Public Schools will lead to termination or the revocation of an offer of employment.

At Orange County Public Schools, criminal history is clarified by the submission of the following required documents for every charge in one's background: An arrest affidavit; a final court disposition and a personal statement.

Anyone instructed to clarify criminal history is afforded seven days from notification to comply by submitting specified materials. Failure to respond within the allotted time will result in a determination of ineligibility. Where it can, the district will endeavor to be flexible, but cannot guarantee a position will remain open. When a position must be filled to meet mandates and clarification occurs after the fact, the applicant is welcome and invited to apply for other positions that align with their skills.


Education majors participating in student teaching programs offered by OCPS must fingerprint.  If you have fingerprinted for a company doing business with our district, you may have retained fingerprints that can be applied.  If you are uncertain whether you have applicable fingerprints please contact the Fingerprint Office at 407-317-3200, ext. 2002143.

Fingerprints will be retained for both junior and senior internships as long as no break in participation occurs.  An example of a break would be dropping a class.

For general information about interning with OCPS click here for specific answers to internship questions


Employees of companies contracted with Orange County Public Schools who are expected to have contact with students, or be on a campus when students are present are required to fingerprint. Please refer to Florida Statutes 1012.465 and 1012.467 for information about vendor background checks. Link to Florida Statutes

For more information about OCPS vendor fingerprinting requirements click here: Jessica Lunsford Act.

Vendor Badges

District vendors are required to wear a badge. Badges are issued after criminal history has been evaluated and a clear recommendation is made. Get more information about vendor fingerprinting and registration - Jessica Lunsford Act

What is the fingerprint process for vendors?

To qualify for an OCPS vendor badge fingerprints must be captured.

Cost differs based upon role (contact vendor pricing is $90.25 and non-contact fees are $100.25).   Payment is electronic and occurs during the registration process.  Only registered vendors are permitted to fingerprint. Please refer to your contract for vendor fingerprint information and your vendor ID number.

Fingerprinting without authorization from OCPS may result in deletion of fingerprints.

Note: Before registering, determine what type of vendor you are.
1. Contact vendor - Individuals who have direct contact with students, could be on school grounds when students are present, or have control of school funds.
2. Non-contact vendor - Individuals whose performance of a contract with the school or school board is not anticipated to result in direct contact with students, and for whom any unanticipated contact would be infrequent and incidental.  Non-contact vendors are issued a state badge in accordance with FS 1012.467.

All vendors must demonstrate that they are authorized and eligible to work in the United States.  School district vendors must certify authorization to work in the US through e-Verify.

What is the fingerprinting process for interns?


Certain timelines exist by semester for when you must comply. Be sure to get your fingerprints taken at the right time. Get information about the OCPS Intern program.

Intern Information

Your college or university must supply you with instructions and an authorization code.  Once you register, schedule an appointment and pay, the process then depends on your college/university authenticating your registration.


Intern fingerprints are retained for one year, accommodating both junior and senior programs, but may be deleted sooner  if the intern cancels program participation or drops a class assignment.

What is the finger print retention process at OCPS?


State law requires public school district employees to have current fingerprints retained by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FLDE). Every five years, employees must re-fingerprint for an FBI national criminal history background check.

Fingerprints are retained for up to five years, or the length of employment, whichever is longer.

OCPS pays the fees for retention of fingerprints, for benefited instructional and classified district employees. Others are invoiced.


Fingerprints are retained for the duration of the student teaching internship and are deleted, when the student's internship ends or is interrupted.

Fingerprint Deletion

Upon termination of employment, conclusion of a student internship, or an employee's break in service, retained fingerprints will be deleted. It is important to note that school districts are invoiced by the FDLE for the retention of fingerprints, above and beyond the initial fee an individual pays to fingerprint. Therefore, the district will delete prints, as close to the termination date, as possible.

What is the fingerprint process for charter schools?

Pursuant to Florida law, charter school employees must be fingerprinted upon employment and again, every five years.

Charter School New Hires

Your school will provided you with instructions and a code.  Upon registration, scheduling and paying, your school will then be required to authenticate your participation before fingerprinting can occur.

Existing Charter School Employees

Active charter school employees with no break in service can now electronically register to have their fingerprints resubmitted at a reduced rate.  Your school administrator will give you instructions and a code.  REMEMBER to cite you have a "Special Circumstance" when registering to avail yourself of the resubmission process.