Important Registration and Application Information

Please review the information below prior to registering or submitting an application to Orange County Public Schools.


When registering with Orange County PublicSchools please complete the requested information including:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Enter email address as your user name
  • Password: (Create one with at least 6 or more alphanumeric characters & write it down.)
    • NOTE: Password is case sensitive
  • Social Security Number

Please note all items marked with a red asterisk (*) are required.

Application Wizard

When submitting an application for a position please click on the link found in the Vacancy Overview to review the full Job Description. All OCPS job descriptions are located on our website (OCPS Job Descriptions). The Application Wizard is divided into 8 sections or tabs. Applicants must complete all required information in each section.

  1. Personal Data
  2. Education/Training
  3. Work Experience
  4. Attachments (resume, cover letter, etc.)
  5. Questionnaire
  6. Cover Letter
  7. Send Application
  8. Completed

Please note all items marked with a red asterisk (*) are required.


Important Information About OCPS Questionnaires

All applicants must complete each Questionnaire completely and accurately.


  • SEC: Security
  • Employee Work Performance
  • Instructional (Instructional positions only)
  • Transportation (Driving positions only)

WARNING: Incomplete questionnaires will prevent you from submitting your application.


Previously Registered Applicants

Once you have completed your registration with Orange County Public Schools, you may update, edit or delete your profile and review the status of a submitted application by logging in using the PREVIOUSLY REGISTERED APPLICANTS tab. Once you have logged in, applicants may also:

Job Search

This is where currently advertised OCPS vacancies are listed. Applicants may narrow their search by specifying criteria or view all currently advertised vacancies by leaving the fields empty. 

Job Agents

Applicants may set up Job Agents to receive notifications on advertised vacancies. When searching for a vacancy simply click on “Save Job Agent”, this will add that search to your Job Agent section.


My Applications

Here applicants can review positions they have applied for, check the status of previous applications, withdraw an application from a specific vacancy or delete applications.


Here you can apply for all employment opportunities you bookmarked during your search.


Important Notice:

Per Florida Statute 119.071(5), this is to notify you of the purpose for collecting and utilizing your social security number. Providing your social security number is a condition of employment at Orange County Public Schools. To protect your identification, Employment Services will secure your social security number from unauthorized access, and strictly prohibit the release of your social security number to unauthorized parties contrary to state and federal law.

Employment Services collects your social security number for legitimate business purposes during the recruitment, selection and hiring process with Orange County Public Schools. Your social security number will be used for completing and processing the following actions: Employment application for determining certification eligibility [1012.56 F.S.], Completion of federal I-9 form for the filing and issuance of federal employment forms [8 USC 1324a(b)], Completion of federal W-4 form for filing and issuance of federal employment forms [8 USC 1324a(b)], Florida Retirement Contribution Report[119.071(5)(a)6.b.], and Conducting criminal background screening [1012.56 F.S.]. Your Social security number is also used as a unique numeric identification within some of our systems and may be used for search purposes.