Facilities & Construction Contracting ensures students a safe physical environment conducive to learning by being a leader in providing legally and financially sound contracts that are timely, by supplying credible cost data to support fiscal and strategic decisions and by enforcing contractual obligations.

Notice of Prototype Selection Meeting Tuesday February 11, 2019 at 1:30 P.M.  

Solicitations for Construction Related Services

Facilities & Construction Contracting is responsible for the procurement of all services related to construction, remodeling, new construction services, professional services, and term construction contract services pursuant to Sections 287.055 Florida Statutes. We invite all businesses to participate in the District of Orange County Public Schools purchasing process. This site is designed to provide a user-friendly Internet portal where vendors download bids, proposals, and award notifications.

Partner for Success Events

These networking events are an effort to help firms introduce themselves to Facilities, Construction and Procurement staff members. During this event, firms will conduct a 15 minute presentation to provide information regarding their products, experience, and capabilities. Upcoming events and information for making a presentation will be posted here.

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