Instructional Employees

For benefited instructional employees, salary may be increased by holding an advanced degree, full-time teaching experience and/or military experience. The employee is responsible for providing documentation of academic degrees and experience for salary purposes to the Employment Services Department. The verification forms will be available at the drug testing/paperwork (PREO) session a new hire attends.

Click here for the Instructional Teaching and Work Experience Verification form. 

Military Experience 
Credit for up to four years of active military duty in the armed forces of the United States with an honorable discharge may be granted upon presentation of the DD-214 form.

Teaching Experience
Once verified, salary credit is given for previous teaching experience in private, public and charter schools as well as colleges and universities

One day more than the number of days constituting one-half year of another state’s regular school year is considered one year of credit. No salary credit is given for substitute teaching, graduate assistantships, private nursery school or kindergarten teaching, unless the kindergarten was part of an elementary school. Employees are paid at the level of zero experience until the completed experience verification forms are received in Employment Services. Then their updated salary will be retroactive to their start date. Verification forms must be received by the last duty day of the employee’s contract period to receive salary credit for the current school year for military, advanced degree or teaching experience.

Non-Instructional Employees

Non-instructional employees in benefited positions may be granted salary credit for full-time work experience related to the candidate’s new position with Orange County Public Schools. Verification forms will be available at the paperwork session (PREO) a candidate attends. Adjustments to an employee’s salary will be made after the completed verification forms have been received and reviewed by the Compensation Services Department. The employee is responsible for providing this documentation of past experience to the Compensation Services Department within the first year of employment. 

As outlined in the Contract between The School Board of Orange County, Florida and The Orange Education Support Professionals Association (Article XV, Item B(3), page 44):  “For work experience verification submitted during the employee’s first year of employment, the employee’s wage rate shall be adjusted retroactive to the date of benefited employment or the beginning of the current fiscal year, whichever is later. For work experience verification submitted after the employees, one year anniversary, the employee’s wage rate shall be adjusted on the pay period following the date the verification is acknowledged in writing by Compensation Services. Verification submitted after the employee’s one year anniversary shall not be paid retroactive.”

Click here for the Classified Experience Verification form.