Potential is universal; opportunity is not. YOU can help.

The Foundation for Orange County Public Schools is committed to providing our schools and teachers with the resources they need to help each student succeed.

Your gift to the Foundation will give students the opportunity to reach their full potential – and that’s a gift that benefits us all.

On behalf of the Foundation Team and students of Orange County Public Schools, thank you for your consideration!

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Scott Howat
Chief Communications Officer, OCPS
President, Foundation

[email protected]

Debi Pedraza
Executive Director 
[email protected]

Pam Carson
Assistant Director, District Foundation & Community Outreach
407.317.3200 x 2002990
[email protected]

Susan Barnhill
Operations Administrator
407.317.3200 x 2002919
[email protected]

Lola Gangi
Business Administrator
407.317.3200 x 2002939
[email protected]

Ermelinda Rolon
Manager, ADDitions Volunteers
407.317.3200 x 2002991
[email protected]

Kathleen Wright
Manager,  Partners In Education
407.317.3200 x 2002959
[email protected]

Kimberly McMaster
Administrative Specialist
407.317.3200 x 2002792
[email protected]

Heidi Isaacs
Administrative Secretary
407.317.3200 x 2002525
[email protected]

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