Unitary Status Advisory and Oversight Committee

The Orange County School District obtained unitary status through a federal court order and voluntarily entered into a settlement of all claims with the plaintiffs in litigation.  The Unitary Status Settlement Agreement ("Settlement Agreement") required Orange County Public Schools ("OCPS") to undertake certain mandates and provide certain reporting as it pertains to the construction of new facilities, the retention and recruitment of a diverse staff, and the notification to all parents and students of middle and high school students of extra-curricular activities.  In an effort to ensure compliance with these terms, The School Board of Orange County, Florida ("Board") voluntarily adopted Policy BDF to create the Unitary Status Advisory and Oversight Committee ("USAOC") to assist the Superintendent and the Board in ensuring that these terms have been met.  To read more about the composition and scope of work of the USAOC, please click on the link to Policy BDF below.   


Policy BDF Unitary Status and Oversight Committee
Settlement Agreement (Signed)
Settlement Agreement (Accessible Version)
Executed October 12, 2010


The following USAOC meetings will be held at the
Ronald Blocker Educational Leadership Center
445 W. Amelia Street, Orlando, FL 32801


*Meeting Dates & Location are subject to change