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OCPS Mental Health Services

Each school in OCPS has a Mental Health Designee, which is generally the school counselor in elementary and the SAFE Coordinator in secondary schools.  This MHD works collaboratively with the student services team on each campus to put resources and interventions into place that support the mental and emotional health of students.

Parents and guardians who would like more information regarding mental health counseling or resources should contact their school’s mental health designee.  Or, for information about resources in the community, families can visit

Student Services Circles

OCPS Mental Health Counselors

OCPS is fortunate to have a team of 39 Licensed Mental Health Counselors to support our schools. Our team is comprised of 37 counselors assigned to our schools within the learning communities, and 2 counselors  providing support to our charter schools.

Our team supports our students and schools in a variety of ways. Including aiding schools in referring students for mental health services, provision of brief counseling services, conducting trainings on mental health topics, and attending various meetings where a mental health perspective or consultation is beneficial.

Mental Well Being and Suicide Prevention

The years between childhood and adulthood represent a critical period of transition and significant cognitive, mental, emotional, and social change. While adolescence is a time of tremendous growth and potential, navigating new milestones in preparation for adult roles involving education, employment, relationships, and living circumstances can be difficult. These transitions can lead to various mental health challenges that can be associated with increased risk for suicide.

Some Common Warning Signs:

  • Withdrawal from friends and activities
  • Sudden change in behavior (for better or worse)
  • Lack of interest
  • Increased use of alcohol and other drugs
  • Recent loss of a friend, family member or parent, especially if they died of suicide
  • Conflicting feelings or a sense of shame about being gay or straight
  • Mood swings, emotional outbursts, high level of irritability or aggression
  • Feelings of hopelessness
  • Preoccupation with death, giving a way valuable possessions
  • Talk of suicide: e.g. "no one cares if I live or die"
  • "Hero worship" of people who have died by suicide
  • Mental Well Being and Suicide Counselors

Parent Resources for Mental Health Mandated Instruction

Florida Statute 1003.42 requires public schools to facilitate at least 5 hours of mental health instruction in grades 6-12. Florida’s First Lady Casey DeSantis has created the Resiliency Toolkit to help educators teach mental health and character education in their classrooms, but parents may find some resources helpful as well. Orange County Public Schools has partnered with RethinkEd to provide lessons on the following topics, as mandated by Rule 6A-1.094124 in the Florida Administrative Code:

  • Mental Wellness
  • Online Safety
  • Human Trafficking Prevention
  • Stress Management and Trauma
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Depression Support Strategies
  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Anxiety Coping Strategies

Department Contacts

Kimberly Beckler Em
Director - Ext. 6283690

Malisa Robinson Email
Administrative Secretary - Phone Ext. 2004624

Janice Satava
Secretary - Ext. 6285562

Maryann Anderson
Program Specialist - Ext. 6284591

Courtney Sellers
Senior Administrator - Ext.6283692

Paula Jackson-Wright
Senior Administrator - Ext. 6285564

Rachel Smith
Program Specialist - Ext. 6283690

Brendan Cassimy
Program Coordinator - Ext. 2882400

Mildred Walker
Administrative Specialist  - Ext. 6284530  

Robert Barrington
Application Specialist IV - Ext. 6283696

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Families in need of mental health services, social services or support for homelessness can complete a request for an OCPS staff member to reach out to them and provide assistance.

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Mental Health Services

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