Recycling Services

At all OCPS schools and facilities, a single-stream recycling program is available.  Single-stream means that all accepted items can be placed together in the same recycling bin - no need to separate. In the program, students and staff can recycle all of the following items:

Notebook Paper, Copy Paper, Brown Paper Bags
Newspapers, Magazines & Junk Mail
Plastic Bottles & Containers
Glass Bottles & Jars
Steel, Tin & Aluminum Cans
Flattened Cardboard & Paperboard (cereal and tissue boxes)
OCPS also recycles food waste, textbooks, pallets, tires, batteries, electronics, scrap metal, old furniture, used oil, and construction & demolition debris.  Other creative recycling programs include those for crayons, markers, plastic bags, old cell phones, shredded paper, ink cartridges, toner cartridges and many more...

In school year 2016-2017, OCPS recycled 56% of its waste stream - over 32,000 tons!  This saved the District approximately $1,120,000 in landfill disposal fees.

OCPS rewards schools for recycling!  Each quarter, one school from each Learning Community with the highest recycling rate and greatest participation receives a check for up to $1400!  This money comes from the sale of recyclables collected throughout the District.   

Solid Waste Services 
At all OCPS schools and facilities, solid waste dumpster services are provided for the collection of regular garbage.  For the collection of large items, roll-off containers and bulk pickup trucks are available.  

Roll-Off Request Form 
FY2021-2022 Roll Off Request form.docx