District Records

  • Includes personnel, payroll, procurement, facilities, budget and all other district-owned records.
  • Records duplication fee is 15 cents per page. (If extensive research is required, an additional fee may be required.)
  • Records that are open for public inspection will be available within a reasonable time.
  • All exempt information will be redacted prior to release, pursuant to Florida Statute 119.07.
  • Employees wishing to obtain their own records must complete the Employee Individual Access Form and submit to Records Management.

All requests for employee records should be emailed or faxed to the contact information below. Instructions on employment verification can be found on the Employment Services website.

All public records, subpoenas for records, and/or employee directory requests should be submitted to:

Orange County Public Schools
Records Custodian
P.O. Box 271
Orlando, FL 32802-0271
Phone: 407.317.3965
Fax: 407-317-3703

Public Records Exemptions

Information on Florida Public Records law, and a list of exemptions per Florida Statute 119.07, can be found on the Department of State link here.